Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Yes, I am saying th "S" word - mainly because I don't have to fight the weather to go to work.  I don't have to drive in it and can stay in, stay warm and do what I want to do - what is mainly what I did today.

I made cookies today and used Splenda because Joe will eat the 3 dozen before I could turn around.  He's been fighting his diabetes and really trying to watch it.  I'm afraid that he will have to go on insulin shots instead of the pill soon. 

I love being retired and doing what I want to do when I want to do it.  If I had known that retirement was this much fun, well, it's almost like grandkids - I would have done it first! ha!  But we're settling in being together 24/7 and actually enjoying it.  Now that winter is here we better enjoy one another because getting out every day want be an option.

Our son John called last night about 8.  He'd been here earlier and had dinner as he and his dog had been fishing all day.  I could tell when I answered the phone I knew something was wrong.  He said "Mom" and then began to cry.  Now he may be my baby at 41 but when your child cries, no matter what the age, it rips your heart out.  As he pulled into his driveway his 6 year old cat, Grady, who had been his bed partner for 6 years and best friend, jumped in front of the truck and he ran over him and killed him.  His heart was broken and his kids weren't with him, so his dad and I took off and went and spent time with him.  Today he had to tell the kids and bury him so he had to go thru it again.  Haven't heard from him tonight but having the kids there will help him.  He's such a good dad!

Guess tomorrow I'll set up the scrapbooking and get  to work on Rahcel's book. 

Have a great week and I'll stay in and stay warm......

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