Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Week Gone by

Here it is the end on the first week of 2011 and things haven't slowed down a bit.  Tuesday and Friday I went to my general practioner to have my potassium level checked.  It checked out all right so hopefully, Dr. Alam will be satisfied when I seen him on the 15th.  I called his office today and no word on whether or not he's talked to the NY doctor so guess I'll have to wait until the 15th to see. 

Joe saw the GP Tuesday as he had been having some problems and his creatine level came back high and they want him to see Dr. Alam.  Now, wouldn't that be interesting if we both have the same rare disease.  They can't get him in until March so maybe on the 15th we can bend his ear on Joe. 

I was sick most of the week with just a plain head cold but it seems to have subsided alot today.  Saw the pharmacist at Walgreen's on Wednesday and asked him what over the counter med I could take with all the other meds I took.  Her commended Coricidrin and it worked in 2 days.  Feel better today than I have all week.

Took my friend Pam to the doctor today.  She had hand surgery and even though she's a lefty, it's amazing how much she does with her right buckling the seat belt - so I drove her.  They took the stitches out but put her in a hard plastic splint and she still can't use her hand until she goes back on the 25th.

We've got snow moving in the first of the week...anything from 3 to 5" the weathermen keep saying.  I think it's time I pulled out the scrapbooking "stuff" and start on Rachel's (granddaughter) birthday present.  She'll be 16 in September and I'm planning on doing a scrapbook of her life.  Started it once but it was too much trouble and now that I'm retired I've got the time to get it all together.  Will just set up the card table in the back bedroom and let it stay there until I get the book finished.

Will stay on top of posting as well. Safe and happy days ahead.

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