Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow, Snow and more Winter weather

Well, nothing new to report on my health other than - great blodd pressure news.  We've probably hit the right medication because my bp is holding around 123/68.  Not bad for someone who has been running 200/104,  Didn't make it to the doctor to have my potassium level checked.  Gonna try to do it tomorrow if the weather holds. 

We've lots and lots of snow and winter weather this week.  Kids were out of school for 4 days.  That just means they will have to go longer this summer.  We are suppose to have 5 more inches by Wednesday.  Our street is still in bad shape but the main roads were pretty clear this afternoon.  We got out just to run to Office Depot for printer color ink.  Thankfully Office Depot is only about 2 blocks from the house.

I've been working on my Hawaii scrapbook and it takes a lot of ink to print pictures.  Probably will just take my disk to Walgreens and print them off.  But Joe's going to have to help me with where they were taken.  The scentery all looks the same - BEAUTIFUL!

I will see Dr. Alam this comint Saturday for my first trip since I was in St. Louis.  He'll probably run all new kidney tests to see where I am.  Will keep you posted.

Stay warm and happy and healthy!

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