Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saw my  kidney doctor this morning.  After such a terrible week and the hospital stay due to the high potassium, it has come back down to a normal level.  But the kicker is I've got to go back on the blood pressure medicine that made it shoot up so high in the first place.  My blood pressure is down and has been down for 2 weeks with the exception of the jump because of the high potassium scare.  I guess it's going to be a problem for a while and blood testing 2 times a week for another month to make sure it doesn't jump back up.  Then when it does we'll go thru it all over again  I know I am not I eating another banana.  Never liked them in the first place but I tolerated eating them because the potassium was low!

And the second hallejuah is the sun in out and has been for 2 days and above freezing both days so it's slowly slipping away.  By Thursday which will be the week anniversary we had -20 we are suppose to have 73!  The joke is "In Arkansas if you don't like the weather just hang loose it will change".  But I'll take 73 in February any day!

Last night we took our first born grandson out to dinner for his 20th birthday!  I know somewhere during that time he had 19 other birthdays but I sure thought he was still around 5 years old...oh, they tell me that's the way I treat him.  He'll always be my baby and he'll get his birthday card, Valentine card, Halloween card and his Christmas stocking as long as he's my grandson.  And of course the cards have that proverbial green stuff in it...started with $5 then went to $10 and now it's gone up again.  I have 4 grandchildren and they all look forward to their "cards" .... I may be old but I ain't no old fool cause I know it's not the card but what's in the card they want.

So with those words of wisdom, I'm saying "goodnight, Gracie" and off to bed.

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